Be uncomplicated

Caipirinha – Samba for drinking. You are fun-loving and spray that fiery flair that makes you invulnerable. The caipirinha, like lobster, used to be something for poor people – made from the simplest of ingredients. The cocktail owes its name to the word „caipira“, which means „rural dweller“. Like you, this cocktail knows its roots too well, but it has worked its way up the myth all over the world.

„I dance, I am exciting and close to nature. My simplicity comes in a monochrome green handkerchief, and with its solid brown shoelaces it provides the basis for a wild flowery fly that hops the entire flow from sour lime juice to sweet cane sugar and plays Carnival at Rio style. There are plenty of plants in the capital of the most famous cocktail, which makes the flower pin perfectly dyed with green and white the perfect companion for your best Caipi outfit.

Accessoirebox Fliege beige/grün “Caipirinha”


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